I’m a videographer with more than fifteen years of experience working in the Media industry

About me

I have been working in television and video production since I was very young.

After graduating from the “F. Costantino Art Institute” in Alghero, I began a career as a video operator and photographer, working for the most popular newspapers in Sardinia.

After an experience as a videomaker and photographer in Barcelona, in May 2015 I moved to Preston (United Kingdom), where I continued to work as a freelance videomaker and photographer.

Also in England, I graduated with First Class Hons in Media Production from the University of Central Lancashire.

La Stessa Strada, entirely self-produced, is my first documentary.

My philosophy

I believe that those who work in the video production sector have an important and fundamental role in providing the exact information, in telling the stories that surround us.

From this role also derives a moral duty: ensuring that these stories are told carefully, accurately and verifying the sources.

It is a question of respect for the spectators.


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Documentaries, promotional videos, news reports, TV.